Angie, Nancy, Joan ‘n Me

Angie Nancy JoanToday was my employer’s annual volunteer appreciation luncheon. I work closely with our many volunteers, and enjoy this event each year.  So, this morning, I took extra time to look all cute and everything; very professional dress and blazer, pumps and “flipped” hair.  Five of the older-than-average folks (i.e., volunteers average age 81) got into an argument over who they thought I looked like with my flip-do.  I cannot make this stuff up, kids.

For the sake of my anonymity, let’s just call me ‘Mary’, as in, Mary Tyler Moore, who also had a flip, when she lived with Dick Van Patten – you remember –  when they were in “Eight is Enough” on TV?  Which was right after they starred in  ”Mary Poppins”.  Or was she in that “Airport” movie with Van Heflin? (If you don’t know who these people are, hang-up now).

Vol.1   “I think Mary looks like a Kennedy”
Vol.2   “Really?  No.  She looks like Angie Dickenson – when she was married to Burt Bacharach”
Vol.3   “When was Mary married to Burt Bacharach?”
Vol 2   “NOT MARY! Angie!”
Vol.4   “What about Mary?”
Vol.2   “We were just saying that Mary looks like Burt Bacharach”
Vol.3   “I thought he had short hair.”
Vol.2   “No!  We thought she looked like Angie Dickenson.”
Vol.4   “She wasn’t married to Burt. That was Nancy Sinatra”
Vol.5 (walks up mid-statement)   “That’s who I was thinking of!  Mary reminds me of Nancy Sinatra!”
Vol.4    ”Wasn’t she married to a Kennedy?”
Vol.2   “You’re thinking of Joan, the drunk.  Married to the one who drowned that girl in the car.”
Vol.5   “I don’t think Mary would appreciate being called “a drunk.”
Vol.1   “We didn’t – we said Joan Sinatra was a drunk.”
Another day in my little Indentured Mom paradise.

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